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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement means that families take an active role in their child's education and development, helping to make decisions about their program in partnership with other parents, staff and community members. The contribution of family experience, perspective and participation is of tremendous value to our Early Head Start Program. Parents can share in making decisions for the AII Early Head Start through the Parent Committee and the Policy Council.

Parent Committees provide every parent of an enrolled child with the opportunity to assist in the development of activities that address their interests and needs and that support the education and healthy development of their children. Some ways you can participate include:

Parent Activities
Training Social Events Educational Activities Fundraising
First Aid & Safety
Pre-Natal Care
Parenting Skills
Child Development
Job Interviewing Skills
Health & Wellness
Behavior Management
Computer Use
Potluck Meals
Family Night
Ice Cream Socials
Children's Talent Shows
Pow Wows
Mother's Day Out
Father's Day Out
Fun Night
Health Fair
Little Olympics (non-competitive)
GED classes
Children's Literacy Nights
How to Make Cradleboards
How to Make Moccasins
How to Bead
How to Make Baskets
Craft Sales
Yard Sales
Bake Sales
Cake Walks
Car Washes


Classroom Volunteer Activities
Clerical Tasks Housekeeping Teaching Material Preparation
Take attendance
Typing or data entry
Write notes to send home to parents
Complete forms
Make phone calls
Care for plants
Sweep the floors
Repair toys
Clean chalk boards
Put away materials
Clean tables
Clean art supplies
Craft work
Read a story
Play games
Teach songs
Teach math concepts
Teach self-help skills
Play musical instrument
Cut out materials
Fill paste & paint jars
Gather materials
Draw pictures
Set up activity
Duplicate materials
Change bulletin boards and classroom displays

If you are interested in volunteering for the program and/or serving on the Parent Committee or Policy Council, please contact Kim Morgan, the AII Early Head Start Director, at 598-6094.